Connecting Lifecycle Insights & Phin

Phin integrates with Lifecycle Insights. Follow the steps below to connect the two!

If you want the ability to communicate Security Awareness Training results/status in your Business Review Meeting, LCI now offers the ability to include Phin data in a couple of different reports in our platform.


Specifically, you can view Phin data in:


The User List


A complete Phin report is available in More Reports. Click the Phin Reports Tile.


Lastly, we have added a new component in Report Builder that allows you to bring in your Phin data.


Step 1: Enabling Lifecycle Insights as an integration partner in Phin

  1. Log in to Phin - Specifically at the /partners level (IE. where you define your Clients)
  2. In the Left Nav Pane, click on Integrations
  3. Click on the Phin API tile
  4. Click the Generate button.  Phin's documentation on how to do this is here:


Make sure you copy the Client's Secret when it is generated.  You will not be able to access it again.  Also, copy the Partner ID and Client ID.


Step 2: Register the Phin API credentials in LCI, Match Companies and Perform the Initial Sync

1. Log in to LCI

2. In the left Nav pane, click on Integrations, then click on the Phin tile.



3.  In the Phin Settings page, perform the following:

  • Check the box to integration is Active
  • Paste in your Partner ID copied over from Phin
  • Paste in your Client ID copied over from Phin
  • Paste in your Client Secret copied over from Phin
  • Click Save Settings


After clicking Save Settings, you will receive the following message:


In order to load Phin data, we will need to match the company names from Phin to the company names in LCI.


Next, click on the COMPANY MATCH tab.


If you don't see any companies listed, please click on the REFERESH COMPANIES button.


Finally, for applicable Phin Client Name/s, match the appropriate LCI Company Name.  

Alternatively, you can use the Auto-Mapping feature to match your companies.


To use the auto-mapping feature, click the map companies button.

The system will try to match any exact or near-exact matching company names and match those accordingly.  



When the auto-mapping is complete the companies that were matched are highlighted as green rows in the table.


The system attempts to find the most exact match for each company.  Some companies with slight name differences may not auto-map.  Please review the mapping to ensure that all desired companies are matched.   A counter of auto-matched companies is provided at the top of the table listing.


Click the Save Automap button at the top of the table to save your selections.  

If you would like to remap the companies, click the Refresh Companies button before saving. 

This will allow you to remap your companies.



By default, when you match, the Integration Enabled? checkbox will be selected.   That means we will pull data for that company.  To turn off the integration for a specific company, deselect that checkbox.


Note: Any changes made on the Company Match page will automatically Save.


Step 4: Syncing data from Phin to LCI

Data will sync from Phin to LCI once a day whenever your normal build runs.   If you want to perform an on-demand sync, you can do the following:


1.  In the Phin Settings page, you can click the Sync Now! button.  Note, this button will only be enabled if:

  • The Phin integration is active
  • At least one company is matched with Integration Active. selected 

2.  If you have the Professional Edition or above, you can use Data Sync Manager to initiate a sync.  For more information on how to use Data Sync Manager, you can review this article: Data Sync Manager.


The initial sync can take up to 10 minutes.  After waiting that time, you can click More Reports Phin starting in the left Nav pane to view your Phin data for a company you have enabled!