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June 2024: Content Release Notes

Content Provider Announcement & More!

New Content Provider!

Along with Ninjio, Habitu8, GoldPhish, and CFISA, we are excited to partner with SocialProof Security to provide all Phin partners with another library of live-action training videos starting July 1st. This new collection contains spoken word courses taught by white hat hacker Rachel Tobac and music video versions for those who want to add a little fun to their training campaigns!


This content will be available in Phin's Training Library in July, but feel free to preview some of the content here.

11 New OWASP Courses Added! (targeted for developers)

OWASP (Open Worldwide Application Security Project) Top 10 training curriculum was added to the Phin training library. All 11 courses can be distributed individually or via the new prebuilt curriculum called "Security For Developers: OWASP's Top 10."


The OWASP Top 10 is not a security standard; however, it is widely acknowledged as an accurate source for understanding the highest-risk vulnerabilities developers should be familiar with when considering the security of the applications they are responsible for.

This list has historically been updated every 3-4 years, and we expect the next update to come before the end of 2024 (at which time we will begin work to update our own training courses covering this topic).

12 CFISA Courses Added!

More CFISA courses have been added to the Phin training library, including a prebuilt curriculum called "CFISA: Full Training Suite" available.

We understand this training content is a little more traditional than the rest of the training in Phin's library, but there is good reason for that.

This curriculum is focused on covering all of the relevant security topics referenced in NIST 800-53 AT-2: Literacy and Training. The State of Texas audits this set of training materials every year to ensure it meets NIST 800-53 AT-2 standards. This campaign is a great option for companies that must meet this NIST training standard and prefer trainings that provide a deeper dive into each of our security topics.

What's Coming Soon? We're Glad You Asked!

  • Micro Modules—These are assessment-less, scroll-through trainings (60 seconds or less) provided by our partner GoldPhish that cover niche topics of cyber security and focus on implementing key security features such as Passkeys, MFA, SSO, and many more.
  • SocialProof Music Videos - Coming later this year!

2024 Content Summary....

  • 20 New Phishing Templates Added
  • 28 New Training Courses Added
  • 20 Courses Now Available Across 3 Languages (English, Spanish, French) - Check out courses that are multilingual here!
  • 31 Courses Updated (Content and UI updates)


Knowledge Base

Every release, Phin works to update our Knowledge Base with new training and phishing content. You can read about the platform and all of its updates here: https://www.phinsec.io/knowledge.

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The Content Team @ Phin

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