Gradient MSP Integration

Phin has partnered with Gradient MSP to make billing reconciliation and accountability easy!

Currently, Phin bills our MSP clients on the first of each month based on the utilization of our product for each of the connected companies. As part of this process, we send a breakdown of usage per company to a Partner admin via email. And that’s it.

This is where Gradient MSP steps in! Gradient MSP connects to your PSA (see list of available PSAs here: and helps manage your billing reconciliation process. Once enabled, the Phin/Gradient MSP integration will send accurate billing numbers to Gradient MSP’s Billing Dashboard. Here you can view Phin’s usage metrics for the previous month and then forward this data directly to your PSA!

“No tab chaos. No revenue left on the table. Just getting paid for everything you do – and without spending days to figure it out” (Gradient MSP).

Billing Reconciliation

Once the integration is enabled, Phin will sync its billing data on the first of every month. For every company mapped in Gradient, Phin will send the count of billable users to Gradient MSP. From the billing portal in Gradient MSP, you will be able to see the new billing numbers for each company. You can expect the usage numbers to be accurate for the previous month’s data starting the first day of the month at 8 AM EST.


In this guide, we will walk through how to set up the Phin/Gradient MSP integration. For this process, you will need to first onboard with Gradient MSP (

Setting Up Gradient

To begin, log in to Gradient MSPs application here. Next head over to the integrations page and find the Phin integration card. Click “Connect” to begin the setup process.

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 11.23.31 AM

On this integration page, Gradient MSP will generate for you a Partner API Key. The Partner API Key will allow Phin to send data to Gradient MSP on your behalf. Once generated, head over to Phin. From your Partner Dashboard, you can go to the Partner Integrations page.


Now you can click on “Connect” to begin configuring the integration.


Here, you can read about what kind of data Phin will share with Gradient.

This is also where you will input the Gradient Partner API Key to connect and enable the integration.

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 10.33.34 AM

After this step, you will need to head back over to Gradient MSP to finish the setup.

Managing Gradient

Once the integration is enabled on both the Phin and Gradient MSP sides, Phin will start syncing data to Gradient. Expect to see the first updates in Gradient MSP starting the first of the month after the integration has been enabled. Subsequent updates will be pushed to Gradient MSP on the first of every month with the previous month’s data. Every new company added in Phin will be sent to Gradient MSP. You will still need to map the new companies in the Gradient MSP portal. It is possible that errors may occur when creating new company accounts. If this happens, simply click the “Sync Company Accounts” button to ensure all Companies in Phin are available in Gradient MSP.

Lastly, if you need to disconnect the integration, you can do so by clicking the “Disconnect” button. This will remove your Partner API Key from Phin as well as prevent syncing of billing data. This process CANNOT be undone, and you will need to restart the integration setup process.

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 11.18.34 AM