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How to Add a New Co-Managed Admin

Do you work with any companies that have an internal IT department that you co-manage? This guide will show you how to add them as an admin at the customer level.

Adding a new co-managed admin

Step 1: Accessing the Partner Dashboard

Start by logging into your partner dashboard

Click the desired company you want to add the co-managed admin to.

Select Users on the left-hand menu.

Select the Admins (Hammer Icon) and then select Add Admins. 

You can then add the admin by filling in First Name, Last Name, and email address. 

It's important to note that someone can be both a "user" and also an "admin" on any given customer account. The system views these two as separate, so you are able to have the same email address for both users and admins at the customer level. 

There is currently no option to make an existing user an admin automatically. If an existing user on a customer account needs to be made an admin of that customer account, you (the partner admin) will have to go through the manual steps above to add an admin separate from the user. 

How to delete a co-managed admin

In the admins section of the user management page, select the red delete icon next to the admin you'd like to remove. 

As the prompt says, this action cannot be undone. If you'd like to get that admin back into the platform, you'll need to re-invite them as a new admin.

Once you click Delete, the admin will be removed from the platform.