How to Add a Partner Logo

White labeling the platform is an important step to setting up, so we made it as simple as possible.

Why might you want to white label?

  • Adding a logo to your partner account will ensure that all clients who do not have a logo specified will automatically inherit your partner logo.
  • Your partner logo will automatically replace any Phin logo you see in:
    • email notifications
    • the Learning Management System
    • your partner account
    • and all client accounts
  1. If you lost the link to log into your partner dashboard at
  2. Navigate to Branding on the left-hand side menu (this menu is accessible with the three horizontal lines in the top left of the screen). 
  3. Once on the Branding page, below the Partner Name section, you will see Logo Customization. To upload your logo, simply click on the "upload" button. 
  1. Recommended image size is 400 x 300
  2. Keep in mind that it may take up to an hour for your logo change to be reflected everywhere throughout the Phin platform and Learning Management System.

If you'd like to upload different logos for different companies, you can do so by selecting "Branding" on the left-hand navigation menu in the company view. Below is the full guide on how to upload logos both at the partner level as well as the company level: