How to Check Training Analytics

Keeping tabs on analytics and how your users are performing in training campaigns is vital to the success of your SAT program.

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Checking Training Analytics

From any page, find the left navigation bar, expand the Analytics tab by clicking on it, and then choose Training15

You will now be brought to the Training Analytics page.


You can select which course you'd like to review in the top right-hand corner. 


At the bottom, you'll see a list of your enrolled users in that course. 

You can send reminders to these individual users by clicking, Send Reminder

You can also reset their training here if needed. This will change the Status to 'incomplete' and the Score to 'N/A' (exactly as if the user never interacted with the training).

Checking User Analytics

You can also check the analytics for a specific user by navigating to the top of the screen and clicking User View, which will bring you to a list of users in the company:

18To see more detailed information about a user, click the 'eye' icon in the View column on the right:


This will take you to the detail view for that user. From here, you can see which courses the user has been assigned as well as their status and contact information.


Using the button on the right, you can send an instant reminder for the user to complete any outstanding training: