How to Enable a Custom Header

Admins can use custom headers with Phin for better email filtering.

If you ever want to verify if a phishing email that was sent to an end user was sent from Phin, follow these steps to enable a custom header.

Enabling custom headers with Phin is a solution to be able to easily identify Phin phishing emails in third party email tools. 

In the Phin Portal, go to the settings tab on the left hand navigation menu, and locate the section that says, “Sending Setting”: 

If you haven’t already, you can generate a new custom header that you can use in a third party email tool to filter and find phishing emails that are specific to Phin. 

Please note that set up for this Phin custom header is set up per tenant/customer and is not applied to all tenants. 

For more information about identifying a header in an email within Microsoft and Gmail, please see the following links below: