How to Manually Import Users into Phin

Not all clients will require or use our Azure Sync, for those clients you can use our manual import tools.

When it comes to manually importing or adding users to Phin's platform, you have two options. 

Below we have shown you how to do both. Click on either of the links above to jump to the section you'd like to learn more about.

Importing Users Via CSV

  1. To begin the import process, click on Upload CSV select the CSV file to upload, and select Next 
    1. You have the option to use our sample .csv file.
    2. The only fields that are required are First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Every other field is optional.
  2. You will now be brought to the Match & Validation step. Here you will Click on Select Field to begin matching your field.
    1. In our example we will select First (field from CSV), we will match that to the First Name field (in Phin Portal).
    2. Repeat this step for all fields needed.
  3. Once all desired fields are matched, click Next at the bottom of the screen and finish the import to see all your new users.

We accept the following fields for the columns of your CSV:

  • Employee ID (emplid)
  • First Name (first)
  • Last Name (last)
  • Email (email)
  • Job Title (title)
  • Department ID (deptid)
  • Department Name (deptname)
  • Supervisor Name (supvname)
  • Supervisor Email (supvemail)
  • Office Phone Number (ophone)
  • Mobile Phone Number (phone)

If you have users in your .csv who are already in Phin, our system will detect these users in Phin and will not create a duplicate user. 

Additionally, users already in Phin but not included in a new .csv upload will not be deleted in Phin unless you intentionally choose to delete them in the user management section of Phin.

We require at minimum First Name, Last Name, and Email Fields to be matched to do an import. 

Adding Users Individually to Phin's Platform

If you want to manually add a specific user, that's a quick and easy process in Phin's platform. 

  1. Start by clicking on Add User
  2. Once here you will see our minimum required fields (first name, last name, and email). 
  3. Add in the user's information. If you'd like to add additional fields, click on the blue Additional Fields button.
  4. You will now see all your available options for additional fields. 
  5. Once you are satisfied with the information included for this user, click Add User.