How to Set Up ACH Payments

Setting up ACH payments is a snap within our billing platform!


Our system requires prerequisites for you to qualify for ACH payments. 

  • Our customer must reside in the US
  • Our customer must have a US/USD bank account
You will need to have this information in order to proceed:
  • email address
  • Account Name
  • Billing address

Set Up ACH

In order to set up ACH payments, navigate to the billing section of the Phin Portal

  • Click on update payment method
  • Click on Payment Methods
  • Click on Add New
  • Click on Direct Debit
  • Click on Set up ACH

  • Agree to the Terms and continue
  • Select your bank
  • Select your account
  • Save with Link
  • Your account is now connected, click Done
  • Set this payment method as Primary

Editing Payment Method

In order to edit a payment method, click into the account you would like to edit.

image (3)

  • Click Edit Payment Method
  • Follow the prompts to complete the update