How to Sleep Users & Groups

Sleeping is a unique tool in the Phin platform that allows you control over who receives Phishing and Training campaigns.

There are two ways to sleep users on our platform. 

  1. During the User Sync
  2. In the User Management page
  • Sleeping a Group does not sleep the users in that Group across the portal. Sleeping the Group will only block the sync from bringing the Group name into the portal. Thus removing the option to assign campaigns to that specific Group that is slept.
  • Groups can only be slept during the sync process.
  • Slept users will not receive Phishing or Training emails on our platform. This also means these users will not be counted toward billing as long as they're never sent emails/training/phishing. 

Sleeping Users

To get started, begin by looking at the list of users on the right-hand side. You will see on the right side of each user, under the Action column, an option to Sleep

To sleep that user click the Sleep button. You will now see that the user has turned grey, indicating that they've been slept. 

To wake a user back up, simply click on the Include button.

You will now see that the user has been woken back up. They are now able to receive both Phishing and Training. 

Sleeping Groups

To get started, begin by looking at the list of users on the right-hand side. At the top, you will see that Users are currently selected. We need to select Groups

By selecting Groups, you will now see a list of your groups instead of users. To sleep a group, click on Sleep on the righthand side of the group you'd like to sleep. 

Once you click Sleep, that entire group will be slept. 

If you'd like to wake a group back up, click Include

You will now see that that group is now awake and able to receive Phishing and Training.

Sleeping Users via the User Management Page

  1. Select Users from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on the square box on the left-hand side of that user's row. Once that is selected, click on the button with a bed on it above.
  3. That user will now be slept. They will show up as grey in the list, and their Status column now says "Slept."

Waking a user

If you'd like to wake a user back up, check the box on the right again and click the button with the sun on it above. 

That user's status has now changed back to active.