June 2024: Release Notes 3.12.0🪝

Greetings Phin Phriends! June's release included some exciting updates to our Outlook phishing button (beta) as well as a vCIOToolbox integration and a delightful new look to our Admin portal.

Report a Phish beta

Phin's Outlook phishing button is currently available on an invite-only basis while it's being tested in a Closed Beta group. Look out for announcements in June 2024 for when this feature is openly available!

Fresh new look

The year is 2024, we're feeling inspired and wanted a fresh new look to better match our vibe. Some highlights we'd like to mention are Training Campaigns and Library, Phin Resources, and Campaign Builders, but there's much more - login and take a peek.

Training Campaign

Phin Resources

Phin's Resources page has moved to a static position at the bottom left corner of your screen. Here you will see a short list of links, which will direct you where you need to go.

Phin Public API

Phin's Public API has new routes for billing and usage reports, which include "Get Company Usage" and "Get Partner Usage" and send information regarding billable users, enrolled users, billable amounts, etc. at each respective level.

vCIOToolbox Integration

There is a new integration with vCIOToolbox, an account management platform for MSPs. Partners can use Phin Public API to send data directly to their QBR or GRC report dashboards in vCIOToolbox. To learn more about this integration, click here.

Knowledge Base

Every release Phin works to keep our Knowledge Base up to date with our new features. You can read about the platform and its updates here: https://www.phinsec.io/knowledge.

Thanks for using our product!

We use all provided feedback to help drive the development direction of Phin. Please keep reaching out and helping us shape the future of the product! All ideas are welcome, please keep them coming!

The Dev Team @ Phin

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