December 2023: Release Notes 3.10.0 ☃️

Greetings Phin Phriends! Just here to drop off one more present before the end of the year... We're wrapping your monthly reports up with a new executive summary, plus some delightful experience updates for those campaigns! Check it out below:

Executive Summary

It's time for a new look. We've upgraded our summaries to include more meaningful information in a way that's clear, concise, and a little more aesthetic. The goal of this executive summary is to provide a high-level understanding of a company’s overall program grade, the trending direction, and quick stats to back it all up. This quick summary can be delivered directly to your inbox, whether you're an MSP or company contact - You'll have the perfect view of your overall SAT program health and what areas need to be focused on more.

This summary will be included as the cover page of the weekly and monthly performance report pdfs, which can be setup in the Reporting page of each company account within Phin.

For more information, visit our Knowledge Base article here.

Continuous Campaign Creator

With all of our recent campaign scheduling updates, we had one more spot to bring this all together.  Our Continuous Campaign Creator makes it easy for our partners to quickly setup phishing and training campaigns within one page. This current update is making all of our powerful scheduling options available for a seamless experience to give you more transparency, ease, and control.

Here, you will see scheduling for both Phishing and Training. All training has been set to monthly on the 1st Monday of the month by default. With this update, you now have the ability to configure a schedule that best suits your company's needs. This includes customization to the frequencies, phishing windows, send times, and start dates.

For more information, visit our Knowledge Base here.

Simple Delights

Campaign name added to User Analytics

Admins were having an issue distinguishing which campaigns phishes or courses came from. This especially came into play when there were multiple campaigns running. We added this information into our automated reports and now it is available within our platform pages too!


Graph API clarification (our bad)

We have clarified our statement on the Graph API pages. Sorry for the confusion this may have caused. You will see that it now focuses on three main points.

  1. Partners should always allowlist.
  2. The incompatibility occurs for some partners, but not all.
  3. If it's working for you, please continue to use it! This is intended to help bring more awareness for any configuration needs.


Knowledge Base

Every release Phin works to keep our Knowledge Base up to date with our new features. You can read about the platform and its updates here:

Thanks for using our product!

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The Dev Team @ Phin

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