February 2024: Release Notes 3.11.0 🔄

Greetings Phin Phriends! February's release is focused on enhancements to our Azure User Sync and adding a fresh look to our pages. We'll keep these notes short and sweet...

Azure User Sync Enhancements

You can now select which groups Phin has access to from your Azure tenants for our Azure User Sync API. This new step will give you more control over which users to sync with Phin, adding more clarity and speed to this user syncing process. And yes, we're glad you noticed - we've also made some design changes to enhance this experience even more. Take a look at our knowledge base article if you'd like to learn more!

Experience Enhancements

We've freshened up the navigation and pages! Things look and run smoother than ever. As you explore our product, you'll notice improvements to our processing speed and aesthetics. Some visual and functional enhancements that we're particularly excited about are our side navigation and company onboarding checklist. Check it out!

Additional Updates

Admin Create Password Emails

We've added our Quick Set-Up Guide to the "create password" emails sent to new admin users. We hope you enjoy this shortcut and helpful tips!


Knowledge Base

With every release, Phin works to keep our Knowledge Base up to date with our new features. You can read about the platform and its updates here: https://www.phinsec.io/knowledge.

Thanks for using our product!

We use all provided feedback to help drive the development direction of Phin. Please keep reaching out and helping us shape the future of the product! All ideas are welcome. Keep them coming!

The Dev Team @ Phin

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