How to Launch and view a Fixed-length Training Campaign

Follow below to launch a training campaign with a set curriculum of training courses.

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Step1: Navigate to the Training Dashboard

Starting at the company dashboard, select the Training option in the sidebar.

Then select the Campaigns option.

Step 2: Create a new Fixed-length Training Campaign

From the Training Dashboard click the Launch A Training Campaign button. This will take you through the campaign creator process, shown step-by-step below! 

Give your campaign a name and description. The name will be displayed on the training dashboard and will be used to identify this campaign. If you have several training campaigns, make sure this is descriptive!

Next up is audience selection! For more info on how audiences work for training campaigns, go 


After setting up the audience, you can set-up the training courses to be used in this campaign by continuing to the Curriculum tab.

There are 2 options for curriculums in fixed-length campaigns, the first is Prebuilt. Prebuilt curriculums are Phin curated sets of courses with a common theme. Each of the courses are listed in the details of the curriculums, or they can be found here!

As of release 3.4, the group campaign filter now uses the auto complete component from MUI to suggest searches.

The second option is to manually build your curriculum. By doing this you can choose, course-by-course, exactly which training courses will be included in the campaign.

By clicking the 'i' icon you can view some extra detail about the course. A full preview, including the video and quiz, can be found by clicking the 'eyeball' icon.

Next up is Scheduling! In this section you can pick the frequency of the send, which day/week of the month the training will go out on, and what time of day the emails will send.

Admins can update the course scheduler at any point during the campaign. 

In the example above, today is Monday, August 7th at 4:45pm EST. The campaign I would like to edit has been running every 1st and 4th Wednesday of the month since July 3rd. Admins can update my schedule to any day and time for the remainder of the campaign. 

The soonest a campaign can be scheduled to send is 24 hours in advance. This is done by adjusting the start date seen below.

Notice that when I selected Mondays at 5:00pm EST, I received a warning message. Since the next intended fire time is moments away from now (Monday, August 7th at 4:45pm EST), it's possible the next true fire time will be the following Monday that meets the scheduler criteria (August 21st at 5:00pm EST). If you do not see this message, then you are good to go!

Any changes you make will be reflected in your Campaign Details pages.

The final step of the process is Finalize. This will give you a chance to review the choices made throughout the process and solidify the order in which the training courses will be sent out.

This screen will show each course that has been selected for this campaign (if you have many courses selected, you may need to scroll). You can drag the rows up or down to change the order that they will send out in, this will automatically change the Assignment Date and Order.

Clicking Launch here will create your campaign, and that's it! You can view and edit your campaign from the training dashboard.


Fixed Length Training Campaigns send out all at once at the time selected.  


As always we rely on and appreciate your feedback! If you have any suggestions for changes to this feature, or ideas for new additions to the platform, please use this form to get in touch with our team: Create Phin Ticket


Viewing a created campaign

back in the dashboard, we can see our newly created campaign on the dashboard in the form of a card. If we click View, we have the ability to view our campaign in a separate page populated with information. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-15 at 3.23.44 PM