How to Launch a Saved Preset

Launching presets saves you time by removing the need to repeatedly create the same campaigns.


  1. Select the Phishing drop-down menu and click Campaigns.
  2. Now that you're in the Phishing Dashboard, you will see two buttons at the top of the page. Click on Launch a Preset Phishing Campaign to go into the custom campaign creator tool. 
  3. After clicking on Launch a Preset Phishing Campaign, you will be brought to our Campaign Launcher page. We have created 3 presets for you, but any presets you save within the custom phishing campaign creator (learn more here) will show up here as well.
  4. To begin the process of launching a preset phishing campaign, you can just hover over a saved preset you'd like to launch. Click the purple Launch Preset button to be brought into the campaign launcher. 
  5. Name the campaign.
  6. Set the frequency of the campaign.  
    1. Frequency
    2. Week
    3. Weekday
    4. Time
  7. Preview any of the templates.
  8. Launch the campaign

You will now see your newly launched preset campaign under Active Campaigns on the Phishing Dashboard.