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What is the Difference Between Training Campaigns and Learning Moments?

Learn how training videos in training campaigns differ from learning moments in phishing campaigns.

What are Training Campaigns?

Training campaigns are selected and launched inside the Training Dashboard of the Phin client. You can decide to run either continuous training campaigns, or you can go directly into our catalog and launch one-off campaign modules.

What are Learning Moments?

Learning moments are what the end-user will experience when they click on a phish. These are instant, pop-up learning-styled activities that will walk the user through what to look for in a phishing email. These are different from the training that is within the training dashboard.

What about reporting training and learning moments?

When looking at your reports, “training” is referring to the campaigns launched within the training dashboard. “Training” inside of reports is not connected to “learning moments.” Learning moments are connected directly to your phishing data/analytics and reports for phishing.

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