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Phishing Simulation

Seeing is believing,
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of US companies experienced a phishing attack in 2020


of organizations had at least one user try to connect to a phishing site

Phishing accounts for


of data breaches

The Phishing Training Challenge

Many companies lack the phishing protection education that is needed to help employees mitigate more complex threats such as social engineering and business Email Compromise (BEC).

These employees who don't receive advanced phishing protection education pose a serious risk and cost companies billions every year. At the same time, employees are not trained regularly enough to recognize new threats.

How Are We Different?

Not just MSP focused, MSP only.

Companies that work outside the channel get distracted from the pain points that matter most to MSPs. Our MSP Advisory Council directs our platform and the value we provide. Additionally, we do not go directly to your clients! We will only work with your client if we have your blessing to do so. We re your partners not competitors.

We license all the best content we can find.

We license content from several vendors so you get the best fit with your client. Our content library already houses several reputable companies such as NINJIO, Habitu8, CFISA and others. If that doesn t work for you, bring your own content and deliver it through our Learning Management System.

“Never Schedule a Security Awareness Campaign Again”

We hear time and time again that the biggest headache with Security Awareness Training is spending all the time necessary to select training for a campaign and orchestrate delivery. To start a client in Phin, all you need to do is answer a few questions and upload some users. We take care of the rest.

No More “One Size Fits All” or punitive training

The only way to change team members' behavior is to support them. Phin is able to target each individual with the exact training they need to be secure. Also, Phin provides instant and context specific "Learning Moments" that teach users to recognize their own unique vulnerability instead of explaining a general case that has little positive effect.

Loginless LMS

We're not another ticket generator for changing user s login passwords. We use unique login links delivered to end users so you don t have to manage another set of credentials.

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