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Cyber Insurance

Cybersecurity in today's landscape means a holistic approach. Whether you are a managed service provider (MSP) or protecting your company, you must address every possible angle to ensure protection.  Despite your best efforts, you could still face cyber incidents. You do everything possible to prevent them, but one small mistake can have far-reaching consequences. Data and sensitive information are your client's most significant assets.  Cybercriminals attacking digital infrastructure to gain access to this information is an everyday scenario. If you're uninsured, the fallout can be enormous — including being entirely responsible for any financial losses.

In the event of a breach or cyber-attack, you can face severe legal and financial challenges, including the costs of remediation, investigation, legal assistance, customer refunds, and crisis communications. Although you're there to support and advise, your budget may only allow you to take minimal steps to fix the problem. Cyber insurance is purpose-built to address these issues

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BELTEX-temp_logoWhen You Sign up for Phin Security, You're Eligible for Beltex

While traditional insurance methods are time and energy-consuming, Beltex relies on an existing security bundle for qualification. You can spend minimal time working with experts who are transparent throughout the process. 

The program is quick and simple. You get a customized link to verify eligibility and get a direct quote in minutes. There are no agents and no pages of contracts. The best part is that Beltex handles everything. Once again, you can focus on managed services. 

Why Is Cyber Insurance as Important as Security Awareness Training?

At Phin Security, we pride ourselves on simplifying your workflows with manageable and engaging security awareness training that works. You can educate your team and alleviate your administrative burden so you can focus on what you do best — managed services. 

Partnering with us goes beyond simple phishing and security awareness training. Our partner perks include learning material and unparalleled support. Even better, you're eligible to access exclusive insurance products when you sign with us, taking another issue off your plate and protecting you and your clients from the financial fallout of a cyber incident. 

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Trusted by Industry-leading MSPs

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The Benefits of Cyber Insurance as a Partner Perk

Covering all your clients' bases makes sense, and at Phin Security, we want to make it as easy for you as possible. Having access to Beltex cyber insurance mitigates risk in a complex digital landscape and gives your clients room to maneuver should the worst happen. Some of the many benefits of our bonus Beltex cyber insurance include:


It's Built With You in Mind

As an MSP, providing security advice is your game. Beltex works alongside security advisors to keep the process quick and simple. 

It's Transparent

Working with Beltex means you and your clients always know what's happening. You're involved from the outset to provide your client with the best possible cover. 

It Fits Your Clients' Needs

Beltex offers multiple different options to fit your clients' needs and budgets. 

Hear From Our Clients

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“We really just like working with people we respect and who respect us back. Who can be honest, high integrity, friendly, and helpful. And it’s just been really rewarding to see [Phin] grow and to be part of that.”

Reg Harnish
CEO of Orbitalfire Cybersecurity

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"Clearly, they’re focusing on making the lives of MSPs easier. The focus of Phin doing that has really made the difference for us.”

Raffi Jamgotchian
CEO of Triada Networks

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“The onboarding process is unbelievably easy which is a huge part of why Phin has been such a standout product to us.”

Ali Stockton
Supervisor of Security Services at VNET

Work With Phin Security for Exclusive Access to Beltex Insurance 

An MSP's life can be frenetic and stressful, which is why our goal is to save you time, money, and brain cells. Now, we're taking our services beyond our user-friendly and effective security awareness training to provide access to Beltex premium insurance options tailored to your clients' needs. It's just as easy to use — once your client is set up, you can leave it in the capable hands of Beltex. Contact Phin Security to learn more about our security awareness training and related perks today!


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