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Easy Onboarding and Setup

Say goodbye to slow and time-consuming training procedures, and say hello to Phin. Our system can help you provide a high-quality security training program in no time, providing clients with the dependable information they need to fortify their operations. The Phin setup process takes just a few minutes. 

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Step-by-Step Onboarding Process

Life is easier swimming with Phin. This comprehensive training management platform streamlines your role, providing your clients with the services they need while saving time and money. We've simplified the sign-up and onboarding process to create a convenient end-to-end service that gets you up and running faster than ever. 

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Easy Sign-Up

Getting started with Phin is painless. We've developed a seamless setup experience that should take less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Our user-friendly platform makes signing up as easy as possible and leads you through part of account creation, configuration and onboarding.

Once you log in with a new account, you'll navigate through an intuitive Partner Portal to customize your account, add users and launch your continuous campaigns. Signing up for Phin is ideal for your business when you are ready to take your services up a notch. 

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Simple Account Configuration

Every business is unique, from the services they provide to the size of staff they employ. Phin's platform makes it simple to set up and initiate your Phishing and Training campaigns tailored to your needs and your clients' requirements.

We give you the power to customize your Welcome Emails and add your logo and branding details throughout the platform to create a cohesive experience your clients will enjoy. Our Template Creator features empower your team to create custom templates to appeal to specific employees. All the tools you need are in a single, easy-to-use digital platform, making it easier to make changes and satisfy your client's needs. 

You can also harness the convenience of our pre-built library, which is filled with hundreds of training videos. We work with four partnered cybersecurity providers to keep our stock of content fresh and relevant to modern day cyber challenges and trends. Each video is shorter than eight minutes, offering easily-digestible information that optimizes engagement and boosts retention. 

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Hear from Our clients.

Below are highlights from our partners who've participated in Uncut Phinatics. Click the button below to watch full reviews of Phin!

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"Clearly, they’re focusing on making the lives of MSPs easier. The focus of Phin doing that has really made the difference for us.”

Raffi Jamgotchian
CEO of Triada Networks

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“The onboarding process is unbelievably easy which is a huge part of why Phin has been such a standout product to us.”

Ali Stockton
Supervisor of Security Services at VNET

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"It first and foremost delivers excellent training content to our customers to help keep them safe online. Secondarily the automation makes it extremely easy to set up and maintain, saving us on labor costs compared to other solutions."

Dan Z.
Chief Technology Officer

Smooth Integration

Phin makes your operations a breeze. This platform holds all the tools and capabilities for a hands-free experience, getting you back to focusing on what matters most. This system can simplify numerous tasks, including user management, reporting, analytics and billing procedures. Our Azure Sync makes it straightforward to oversee and adjust your existing client's preferences for Security Awareness Training. It resyncs on a rotating cycle every six hours for a set-it and forget-it experience. 

While many training experiences take time away from essential operations, Phin does the opposite. Send secure and automatic emails through the Microsoft 365 Defender Advanced Delivery system to save time and resources. Our Phin API and Gradient MSP integrations add to our software's ease of use, helping you access all your business's most important information without lifting a finger. 

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Differentiation from Competitors

At Phin, we swim against the tide. We strive to offer value that no competitors can match to simplify your workflow and enhance your success at the same time. Our team takes pride in providing the following advantages: 

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Automation and Efficiency

Speeding up your workflow is what Phin does best. We've made launching ongoing phishing and cybersecurity training programs easy to help your clients better prepare their employees. Leave the heavy lifting to our software, which takes care of essential activities, including sending out welcome emails, pulling in the correct audience, delivering course reminders and creating progress reports to keep your clients in the loop. 

Streamlined Client Management

Control your programs easily using our intuitive Phin technology, designed to efficiently manage numerous users simultaneously. Quickly create and launch programs for new clients, designate training recipients and remove old employees. You'll oversee all your participants in one area, minimizing confusion and ensuring the right users receive training. Your team will also have access to detailed reports about user progress with the ability to see who excels and who falls behind. Leverage this data to help your clients optimize employee oversight and make changes that elevate their security measures. 

Minimal Manual Effort

Take advantage of a process that requires minimal effort from your team. Phin frees up your time, allowing you to help more clients than ever. Our campaign creator tools empower you to design and manage your programs flawlessly. After answering a few questions, importing users and setting your client's preferences, your program will be ready to go and run as long as needed. With our library of over 100 videos, we have enough training content to ensure learning remains fresh and relevant for a long time. 

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Ready to get started with our user-friendly platform? Contact our team online to learn more about Phin's setup process today!