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Ensure your company's employees are ready for any type of phishing threat.

As many of us now work in a remote or hybrid work environment, security threats are evolving at an incredible rate. But building a prevention or training program is time-consuming, and manual, and often times your org won't complete the tests on hand. That all changes with Phin Security. 

Security Awareness Platform

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Continuous Campaigns

At Phin, we've created a continuous training model based on your requested frequency. Employees will receive training & simulated phishing on an ongoing basis to keep their cyber threat skills up to par, be aware of new threats, and be vigilant on what to look out for throughout the year.

User Experience

We've made sure that the user experience is one that keeps users engaged. Our training content is quick, effective, and fresh! We train on various topics and always with new content. For Phishing, we've designed a system called, Learning Moments, that makes learning easy and personalized for the employee. With Phin, your team will be trained so that they feel confident while spending time online.

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Our content

We offer both fully animated and live-action content for SAT to keep users fully engaged. We have over 200+ training videos available in Phin. 

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Plus even more

At Phin, we're continually evolving and innovating to ensure we always provide our partners with the best security awareness training platform. 

  • Phishing

    Phin delivers fresh, consistent training to you in order to increase your understanding of what to be on the lookout for. 

  • Reporting

    Reporting allows you to receive a detailed summary of all phishing and training on a monthly or weekly basis.

  • Training

    Phin's training is engaging and fun. Focusing on changing human behavior to reinforce a safer online experience for all end-users. 

  • Compliance

    Phin's continuous training platform satisfies the requirements for businesses' cyber insurance needs. We also satisfy CIS Control 14, NIST 800-171, and more!

Safe. Secure. Prepared.

Take a quick guided tour of Phin Security's phishing simulation program to see how you can automate, ensure employee completion and quickly build security risk profiles. Explore what Phin Security can do for your business today. 

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