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Security Solutions Built for MSPs

Access to performance metrics and safety training analytics is crucial for managed service providers (MSPs). With access to data ranging from statistics for the current month to your user's actions in your phishing campaigns, Phin has the security awareness training your employees need.

End-User Security Awareness Training Made Easy

Five easy steps and your campaigns are up and running in under 10 minutes. Learn more about why our platform continues to save time and money for MSPs. 

Our Solutions

Looking for a way to raise awareness and safeguard your MSP? Discover Phin solutions built to solve all your security training needs.



Employees are at risk of falling victim to cyber threats and crimes. Even if you have a security system in place, phishing emails can come through and catch unsuspecting users off guard. With employee phishing training, you can prepare people on how to be on the lookout for these threats and how to safely and appropriately respond to them.

Setting up training campaigns has always been challenging and time-consuming, though. At Phin, we shake that up by providing you with an easy campaign builder that is set-it and forget-it. We can provide you with automated campaigns that are easy to set up and deliver training in an effective, engaging way. Campaigns are tailored to each client and draw from our ever-changing library of content. Once it's all set up, you can relax knowing it's designed to be fully hands-off.

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Simulated phishing isn't new, and that's the problem. How the industry has been doing it isn't changing behavior, and breaches are still occurring.

Our simulated phishing program helps prepare your users for potential threats they could face. Instead of simply providing training, a simulated test can ensure that users are always on guard and ready to respond to threats.

While you can upload your own template using our easy-to-use template creator, we also have an array of realistic phishing templates that you can incorporate into your campaign. Either way, simulated phishing will provide you with insights into the users who click on the phish so you can develop a more targeted training program. You'll also keep your automated campaigns running without having to constantly manage them.

Learn more about how Phin focuses on truly teaching end-users how to catch phishes, not just check a compliance box. 

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Reporting & Analytics

Training and phishing without accurate and automated data is worthless. We've built our platform so that you can keep up to date with live data on your campaigns

You'll have access to security training modules that provide real-time analytics, offering insights into how your clients are performing. You'll be able to take a closer look at how a specific user's performance has changed over time. 

Learn more about how you can track your users' performance and send out automated reports on your campaigns. 

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Think our solutions are a fit?

If you're interested in data security training for employees, Phin has you covered. With access to accurate analytics and data and the industry's best automation, you'll be prepared to seamlessly manage your MSP.

With our simple setup and onboarding process that takes less than 10 minutes, you can get started in no time. Reach out to get started with Phin!