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Elevate Your Security With Phin Security's Comprehensive Training Content

You can take a proactive approach to security awareness training by partnering with Phin. We are your source for interactive training courses that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can incorporate into onboarding sessions, protecting devices and data.

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Crafting Security Awareness Training Content for Your Users

Phin Security is proud to provide security training solutions for companies of all sizes. It's crucial to understand the value of adequate security training for teams — it only takes one click on a malicious email to put a business's reputation and sensitive data on the line. 

The innovative training courses we introduce are user-friendly and help businesses welcome new hires with confidence.


Our Content Partners

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About Phin Security's Training Content

At Phin, it's our mission to supply MSPs with the comprehensive security training necessary to stay safe and successful in the workplace. We have an extensive library of training courses developed by leaders in the cybersecurity space — Habitu8, CFISA, GoldPhish and SocialProof.

Training Content From World-Class Partners

Part of what we do at Phin Security is creating a platform where MSPs can educate employees on how to prevent cybersecurity incidents. We accomplish this by teaming up with reputable partners for technology you can depend on.

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Habitu8 Training Content

Prepare organizations to work safely whether an employee completes tasks from home or goes into the office. Keep your audience engaged with a combination of animated and live-action training content. Phin Security and Habitu8's training content will help you determine the right training program for your specific audience. 

Our offerings include low-level compliance modules on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is our goal to teach your audience about public Wi-Fi dangers and how to choose strong passwords.

Habitu8 - The Little Social Engineer That Could
Habitu8 - Uses Public WiFi
Habitu8 - Third Party Security

Center for Information Security Awareness (CFISA) Training Content

Our experts provide you with courses that address cybersecurity and compliance practices. Sidestep a catastrophic data breach by helping employees understand common cyber threats you could encounter via email.

Phin Security and CFISA give professionals a chance to focus on HIPAA and PCI DSS. Our resources help businesses review device management practices and methods for preventing identity fraud and stopping phishing attacks. Whether you are working with government agencies, corporate enterprises or lawyers, this training content follows a traditional slideshow format that is suitable for various audiences. 

CFISA - Device Management & Internet Things
CFISA - Understanding Social Engineering
CFISA - Social Media Security

GoldPhish Training Content

Phin Security and Goldphish make it easy to organize compliance modules around HIPPA, PCI DSS, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) and the GDPR. Count on our training modules, which take about 10 minutes to complete, to change employee security habits. MSPs find our GoldPhish training content useful, as it addresses ransomware threats, incident response tactics and the protection of company information.

GoldPhish - Cybersecurity WFH
GoldPhish - What is Ransomware?
GoldPhish - Insider Threats

SocialProof Training Content

Use live-action and contemporary experiences to educate businesses about workplace scams, hackers and social media threats. Phin Security's training includes guest star appearances from popular culture outlets like MTV, American Idol and TikTok.

Use seven one-of-a-kind courses to make an impact on the industries you work in.

SocialProof - Social Media Oversharing
SocialProof - The Latest Scams in Social Engineering
SocialProof - Password Safety

NINJIO Training Content

NINJIO - Personal Cloud Storage Risks
NINJIO - Smishing
NINJIO - Generative AI

Contact Us for Security Awareness Training Assistance

Cyber threats are ever-evolving, making a security awareness training plan essential. Phin Security is here for MSPs, offering an assortment of training tools, courses and experiences that exceed your expectations. We set ourselves apart from other cybersecurity awareness training companies by helping MSPs tackle challenges the right way.

Partner with Phin Security to develop and incorporate top-tier security awareness training. We look forward to helping you arrange unmatched cybersecurity education. Fill out our contact form for more information.