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We Swim Alongside MSPs

Signing up with Phin is only the beginning. We aim to provide ongoing support and resources for our partners. Our goal is to partner with you during your deployment of Phin, providing valuable resources to accelerate your success with your clients. 

Partnering with MSPs

What do you get as the MSP?

MSP Educational Resources
MSP Learning Material

MSPs are often so focused on providing services that their own education and employee growth are ignored. Phin helps you with that by providing educational resources to continue scaling as an MSP. 

Robust Knowledge Base
Robust Knowledge Base

Our partner experience and technical support team spend a lot of their time ensuring our knowledge base is a great resource for our partners. Check out our FAQs to learn more!

Exceptional Support
Exceptional Support

One area of Phin that partners rave about is our support (check out Velocity Networks review if you don't believe us). Support so good that you'll want to grab a beer with us. All staff at Phin are US-based. 

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Partner with Phin and Get Exclusive Access to Beltex Insurance

Covering all your clients' bases makes sense, and at Phin Security, we want to make it as easy for you as possible. Having access to Beltex cyber insurance, as a perk, mitigates risk in a complex digital landscape and gives your clients room to maneuver should the worst happen.


What do your end-users get?

Weekly End-User Focused Demos

Getting a new platform rolled out to your end-users can take a lot of time. Buy-in is not always as quick as we'd like. That's why we started offering weekly end-user-focused demos.

These demos are every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. (EST) and can be attended by any of your customers or employees who want to learn more about the importance of security awareness training and how Phin makes it different. Want to learn more? Register below!

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Webinar 1-Eguides

End-User Marketing Resources

Looking to send an e-guide or one-pager to a prospective client to get them more engaged with cybersecurity? We've created a ton of valuable resources that our partners have full access to for their customers. 

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Check out reviews on G2!

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"Security Awareness Training/Phish Testing from a company that really 'gets it'"

Dan Z.

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"Finally a platform built by MSPs."

Ray Orsini
CEO of MSP Media Network


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Trusted by Industry-leading MSPs


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