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Welcome to Uncut Phinatics!

What is Uncut Phinatics?

Uncut Phinatics is our way of making case studies more transparent and real. No more questions that are positioned for prompted answers about how great company X is.

Nope, with Uncut Phinatics, we ask real questions and don't edit any videos. Our partners can say the good, bad, and ugly. All of it will be posted online.

To the right, you'll see the 5 questions we ask every episode. Below, you'll see our growing list of Uncut Phinatic episodes!

To learn more, book a demo with the button below. 

Our 5 Questions

Uncut Phinatic Episodes

HubSpot Video

Triada Networks

About Triada:

- CEO, Raffi Jamgotchian

- In Business for 14 years. 

- 5 Employees

- Located in Northern New Jersey

Velocity Networks

About Vnet:

- Supervisor of Security Services, Ali Stockton

- In Business for 33 years. 

- 80 Employees

- Located in Northwest Pennsylvania 

HubSpot Video

HubSpot Video

Orbital Fire

About Orbital Fire:

- CEO, Reg Harnish

- In Business for 3 years.

- Grown to over 7,000+ endpoints managed in 3 years. 

- Located in up-state New York.