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Phishing Simulation  Focused on Behavior Change

With data threats and security breaches out there, it's crucial for managed service providers (MSPs) to be on guard and prepared to respond to all kinds of situations. With awareness training and easy access to real-time analytics, you'll have the data you need to safeguard your business.

Keep in mind that simulated phishing without behavior change from the end-user is just checking the box. We don't want to just check the box at Phin — we want to increase cyber awareness and reduce risks in employees' lives. 


Phishing Simulations That Don't Get Ignored

Amazon Phish

Realistic Templates

What good would phishing be if the templates weren't realistic? With simulated phishing, you'll be able to recreate real-life threats so your users can put their training into practice. 

We've created an expansive library of realistic phishing templates that you can deploy with our automated phishing campaigns. Here, you'll find more than 100 videos that cover everything from modern-day issues to cultural trends. We are constantly adding to our library, offering fresh content to enhance your training.

Want to use your own templates? Great! We also have an easy-to-use template creator tool that you can upload your own templates to. No matter if you use your own or one of our templates, you'll be equipped with the simulated phishing you need to grab each user's attention.

Education with Learning Moments

We've built a unique system called Learning Moments. Instead of simply alerting users whenever they click on a phish, Learning Moments turns this into an opportunity to teach them about correct procedures and practices. They'll receive immediate feedback and then be guided on how to be on guard against scams and dangers related to phishes.

In these Learning Moments, users will get walked through the exact phish they clicked on and what they could have done differently. There will be two to five tips and over time the emails will get more and more challenging as the user is able to successfully identify and respond to each simulated phishing attempt.

No videos that people just ignore or a harsh slap on the wrist — this phishing simulation solution has been designed to truly generate change. With Learning Moments, you have the chance to educate users and help safeguard your cyber security. 

Learning Moment
Purple Jellyfish

Automated Phishing Simulations

Phishing training should be continuous to see real results, so we've made it easy for you to run your campaigns. With our continuous campaign creator, you can create campaigns that run with no management needed from you.

You'll have access to weekly, monthly and instant phishing reporting so you can review and make changes as needed. With real-time data, you'll be able to seamlessly keep up with your campaign. Your automated reporting can also be delivered to any stakeholder, making it easier than ever to track performance and keep your clients secure.

Set Up Phishing Campaigns in Minutes

Explore Our MSP-Focused Cyber Attack Simulation

If you are ready to focus on behavior change in your organization through phishing simulations, Phin Security can help you get started. Our training is quick and simple to set up and use, giving you the flexibility to focus on the areas of your business that matter most.

You'll save time and money while you take advantage of the industry's best automation. Our platform is built specifically for MSPs and businesses to provide you with the analytics and data you need.

Let's get started today. Book a demo to learn more about our accessible and automated phishing simulations.


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Hear from our clients.

Reg Harnish Picture

“We really just like working with people we respect and who respect us back. Who can be honest, high integrity, friendly, and helpful. And it’s just been really rewarding to see [Phin] grow and to be part of that.”

Reg Harnish
CEO of Orbitalfire Cybersecurity

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"Clearly, they’re focusing on making the lives of MSPs easier. The focus of Phin doing that has really made the difference for us.”

Raffi Jamgotchian
CEO of Triada Networks

Ali Stockton picture

“The onboarding process is unbelievably easy which is a huge part of why Phin has been such a standout product to us.”

Ali Stockton
Supervisor of Security Services at VNET

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“It first and foremost delivers excellent training content to our customers to help keep them safe online. Secondarily the automation makes it extremely easy to set up and maintain, saving us on labor costs compared to other solutions.”

Dan Zimmerman
Chief Technology Officer


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