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Our Variety of Phishing Content

At Phin Security, we value providing our partners and their clients with as much information as possible to help them stay aware of the latest cybersecurity industry news, events and changes. We offer an extensive range of phishing content to supplement our comprehensive training program. The content employees gain access to varies, adapting to each individual's level of awareness and when they pass each program level.

Get a glimpse into the range of our educational phishing content as we give an overview of each level. 

Range of Content: From Basic to Advanced

We have licensed content that provides information on all levels of knowledge about phishing. We create all phishing simulation templates in-house. From basic to advanced, end-users can access informational content that helps them understand phishing at a level most suited to them.


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  • Basic Phishing Scenarios
  • Intermediate Phishing Scenarios
  • Advanced Phishing Scenarios

Full Breadth and Depth of Available Content

In our content, we have resources covering various aspects of the phishing industry, like the tactics hackers and scammers use to trick users and which industries often get hit the hardest.

Variety of Phishing Tactics

Scammers and hackers use a diverse range of techniques to attempt to break into companies' networks or collect people's personal information. With the numerous ways hackers and scammers try to get confidential information or money, people must stay aware of the tactics used in real time. Our content library contains resources that discuss various tactics, including:

  • Email phishing
  • Spear phishing
  • Social engineering

Our resources also cover other deceptive techniques, like vishing (voice phishing), smishing (phishing messages sent via text or SMS), or clone phishing, when hackers create fake copies of legitimate websites or emails and include malicious links and attachments in the communications.

Industry-Specific Scenarios

Phin's phishing training program uses realistic scenarios when sending test emails out to users to ensure employees can recognize and prevent phishing attempts. Each email gets customized based on the industry the employees are in.

For example, an employee working in the financial sector could receive a phishing email, supposedly from their CEO, requesting them to send a large amount of money immediately because of an important business transaction. The email could seem legitimate and cause the employee to panic, so they attempt to send the requested amount to the "CEO," but the money would go to the hacker who sent the email. With phishing training, the employee would know to be more suspicious of the request and take appropriate action, like contacting their CEO directly to confirm the request before sending the money.

It's beneficial to use phishing training emails tailored to the industry employees are in. These specific and relevant tests increase awareness about the potential real phishing communications staff could see. Common sectors for which we tailor phishing scenarios include health care, technology and e-commerce.

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Diverse Content Forms

At Phin Security, we ensure your clients can access content in various formats so they have comprehensive training and realistic phishing experiences. End-users will experience our content in diverse forms, such as:

  • Emails
  • Attachments
  • Links
  • Interactive communications
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Learning Progression

As end-users improve their phishing awareness, the content they see and experience increases in difficulty. Phin's content adapts to users' skill levels. The simulated phishing tactics will continue to be harder to distinguish, helping to challenge and enhance users' capabilities consistently.

Compared to the first phishing training email a user receives, the latest email may look extremely realistic, seemingly coming from an official email address. But it isn't, so they could have a hard time distinguishing if the email is fake or not.

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Customizable Learning Paths

Like the learning progression depends on users' awareness, the overall path they experience also depends on their skill levels. Phin can adapt individuals' learning paths and content progression based on their performance and needs. If someone is having a hard time recognizing a simulated phishing attempt, they will stay at their current level in the program until they can pass other tests. Once they complete the tests, they will move up a level.

Utilizing an adaptive approach to phishing training ensures every user gains effective knowledge that goes with them throughout their jobs and their personal lives. Regular content and training that adapts to each individual's needs also makes sure there is continual improvement.

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