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Security Awareness Training Your Customers Enjoy

Life is easier when campaigns are automated, clients are compliant and secure, and the training is effective and engaging. 

Whale Transparent

Effective Security Awareness Training 

Continuous Campaign Tool

Campaigns are easily set up with our Continuous Campaign creator. By answering seven quick questions, your campaign set-up is curated specifically for that client and will run forever! No more tedious hands-on management is needed. 

Phins Continuous Campaign Creator

Simple & Relevant Training

Our content is short and engaging. Each video is 5-8 minutes and is built on modern-day issues and cultural trends.  Shorter and more relatable content drives higher engagement and better performance on assessments.

Robust Content Library

We license content from four different cybersecurity providers. We do this so that our library is always growing and fresh! We have over 100 videos in our library and counting!

Training Catalog Phin-1
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Hands-off Campaigns

You can set up your campaigns to be fully hands-off. Our campaigns allow you to easily pull in audience groups and automatically get new users caught up. You can set it and forget it. Trusting that your campaign will deliver on time. 


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