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Security Awareness Training Your Users Enjoy

Life is easier when campaigns are automated, clients are compliant and secure, and the training is effective and engaging. Here at Phin, our security awareness training software is designed to provide you with all this — and more.

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Effective Security Awareness Training 

Continuous Campaign Tool

With other security awareness training software or programs, you may be required to dedicate more time and effort into managing various aspects of the platform. At Phin Security, we understand that your time is better spent managing other areas of your business, which is why our platform is designed to be fully automated.

Campaigns are easily set up with our Continuous Campaign creator. By answering seven quick questions, your campaign set-up is curated specifically for that client and will run forever! No more tedious hands-on management is needed. 

Simple & Relevant Training for Employees

While phishing awareness training is necessary, that doesn't mean it needs to be boring for your employees. The more engaged they are with what they're learning about, the greater the chance they'll absorb the information and grasp how it would apply to real-life threats.

This is why our content is designed to be short and engaging. Each video is 5-8 minutes and is built on modern-day issues and cultural trends. Shorter and more relatable content drives higher engagement and better performance on assessments.

Robust Content Library

Creating a simulated phishing program is easy thanks to our robust content library. Through our program, you'll be able to upload your own template to help prepare your employees for potential threats. Along with offering an easy-to-use template creator, you can also pull from our realistic phishing templates.

We license content from four different cybersecurity providers. We do this so that our library is always growing and fresh! We have over 100 videos in our library and counting!

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“We really just like working with people we respect and who respect us back. Who can be honest, high integrity, friendly, and helpful. And it’s just been really rewarding to see [Phin] grow and to be part of that.”

Reg Harnish
CEO of Orbitalfire Cybersecurity

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"Clearly, they’re focusing on making the lives of MSPs easier. The focus of Phin doing that has really made the difference for us.”

Raffi Jamgotchian
CEO of Triada Networks

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“The onboarding process is unbelievably easy which is a huge part of why Phin has been such a standout product to us.”

Ali Stockton
Supervisor of Security Services at VNET

Why Choose Our Security Awareness Training Software?

When you trust Phin Security to protect your MSP or business, you'll gain peace of mind. We've built our platform to deliver the industry's best automation — all in an easy-to-manage format. In fact, the entire onboarding process is designed to take less than 10 minutes

Once your new platform is set up and ready to go, access the accurate analytics and reports you need to better understand your security risk and deliver the awareness training your team needs to make safe choices. 

We are committed to helping MSPs take the necessary steps to prevent teams from falling victim to phishing. With our superior knowledge base and customer service and support every step of the way, enhancing your security has never been easier.

Hands-off Campaigns

If you're looking for cybersecurity awareness training that's easy to use, set up and forget about, Phin has exactly what your business or MSP needs. While you'll have access to real-time analytics, high-level stats and metrics, you won't need to oversee every aspect of your security training. 

You can set up your campaigns to be fully hands-off. Our campaigns allow you to easily pull in audience groups and automatically get new users caught up. You can set it and forget it, trusting that your campaign will deliver on time. 

Fixed-Length Campaigns

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Training Trusted by Industry-Leading MSPs


Ready to take our training for a swim?

If you are ready to take the necessary steps to keep your MSP safe, Phin training has you covered. Discover the data you need to drive change in your organization and stay cyber secure — all while saving time and effort.

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