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Designing Effective Security Policies for Phishing Prevention

Phishing is a very real threat to many organizations, both large and small. Roughly 15 billion spam emails are currently landing in people's inboxes every day. In 2021, 83% of businesses reported that they had experienced some type of phishing attack. These numbers are large and can be intimidating, but if you work with the right people and build an effective phishing security policy, these numbers will be reduced for your business. This article explores what best practices mean within these parameters and gives key solutions in how to go about building your defense.

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How are you measuring incorrectly?

One of the easiest statistics to understand your company’s security awareness program is also one that is easily misinterpreted. I am talking about overall phish percentage. Overall phish percentage is most easily defined as the percentage of users in your company that opened a phishing assessment and took the action that it requested. For some real phishes, this is buying prepaid visa gift cards, for others it is logging into your “microsoft” account.

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