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Security Training for GDPR Compliance

The European Union (EU) plays a vital role in business communications, sales and deals on a global scale. If you work or collect data from anyone living in an EU country, you're required to maintain compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

From the moment you sell one product to someone in France, or a person from Germany signs up for your mailing list, you need to understand and maintain all GDPR guidelines. Investing in security training for GDPR compliance can ensure you're prepared for any company advancements that connect you with people in the EU.

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Why GDPR Is So Important in Modern Security Training

The GDPR focuses on protecting personal data, respecting people's rights and preventing identifiable information from falling into the wrong hands. It has widely been described as having the most stringent privacy and security regulations of any data protection law in the world and carries some of the most demanding penalties for violations.

Maintaining GDPR compliance is essential for businesses to support their bottom lines and much more. Meeting these strict regulations holds your brand to the highest standards and protects the data you keep, which can prevent liability concerns and penalties down the line.

Designing Effective GDPR-Focused Security Awareness Programs

Failing to follow GDPR guidelines can result in millions in penalties and negatively impact your overall reputation. All it takes is one person missing one phishing email to put your company in hot water. A comprehensive course in GDPR compliance for every employee invites your staff to learn more about how they can protect sensitive data and maintain quality assurance.

Fundamental Elements of Employee Awareness Initiatives

One of the challenges as you implement new protective measures is educating those involved on how to protect themselves and, by extension, your company. Security awareness training can help employees identify potential gaps in security while teaching them how to prevent phishing scams from taking root. 

These kinds of changes take time and training to become site standards, but choosing the right educational modules can help your staff understand faster and implement sooner. With security awareness training for GDPR compliance from Phin Security, you're able to tailor every lesson to meet your organization's unique needs and teach what you most want them to know.

Integrating Comprehensive GDPR Training Modules

Our GDPR training modules will also introduce your staff to the best practices we've found for handling sensitive data, helping them understand security measures like end-to-end encryption and how to leverage communication tools to enhance security.

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Establish Standards for Security Awareness Training Success

As you implement Phin Security's solutions into your workflow, it's important to evaluate the overall success of your GDPR training efforts by taking these steps:

  • Identify and track benchmarks: Our dashboard is full of compliance reporting tools that collect data regarding participants' successes and stress points based on how they respond to the phishing simulations.
  • Collect feedback: Employee satisfaction and confidence are just as vital to the success of your program as learning and implementing Phin Security's protective strategies. Talking to your staff face-to-face or collecting anonymous feedback can be two of the best ways to hear what your staff likes and how effective the training program has been for your entire organization.
  • Utilize training tests: With our built-in phishing testing system, the automated process creates and sends realistic phishing “scams” to participants to test their knowledge and see if they can correctly identify and report the threat. Tests like these are the best way to see how your employees will respond in real-world scenarios and determine whether they need more training.
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Launch Your Journey Toward GDPR Compliance With Phin Security

At Phin Security, we have spent years analyzing and studying real-world threats so we can continue making realistic simulations and applicable training programs for every industry — even as software becomes more complex and hackers become smarter with their schemes. We take a specialized approach to data protection training that employs unique customization opportunities and enhances the positive impact of your business staying compliant.

Prepare your workforce for every threat with strategies from our security awareness training. Sign up for a free trial today or contact us to learn more about how you can get started.