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GoldPhish Training Content Available Through Phin Security

Comprehensive cybersecurity training keeps business operations, devices and employees safe. At Phin Security, we are passionate about working with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to keep cyber threats under control. Our professionals provide you with helpful training content brought to you by a leader in the cybersecurity space, GoldPhish.

GoldPhish is a platform offering comprehensive and interactive cybersecurity training content that is available through Phin Security. You can find training modules that help small companies defend themselves from cyberattacks. These training modules include engaging content like videos and animations that show workers how to spot ransomware, follow a correct incident response and protect company information.

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How Phin Security Elevates Cybersecurity Awareness With GoldPhish

Phin Security takes a hands-on approach to helping you generate a training program that goes over cybersecurity themes and practices. Our relationship with GoldPhish provides MSPs and small businesses with top-notch methods for improving employee behaviors.

Goldphish and Phin Security have collaborated to provide world-class security awareness training for executives and staff. Whether you are looking for brief modules and videos or phishing simulations, we introduce you to the resources you require to create an effective training program.

Discover innovative security awareness training content such as modules, videos, quizzes and multi-media messages. Our content helps employees in various industries remain compliant with stringent regulations from the:

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Videos & Training Content

What is Ransomware?
Cybersecurity at Home
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Benefits of Phin Security's Training Content

At Phin Security, we believe the most up-to-date training campaigns, videos and events keep teams safe from online threats.

The GoldPhish training content available through Phin provides organizations with:

  • Content-rich catalog: From phishing scams to methods for protecting passwords, Phin Security introduces you to diverse cybersecurity content.
  • Straightforward integration: Phin enables you to get up and running with GoldPhish training objectives in minutes.
  • Progress reporting: See how far users are with training lessons and review employee answers.
  • Digestible lessons: Phin Security makes it easy to split up content lessons and appeal to all learning styles.
  • Email template builder: Teach about phishing threats and prevention using example messages.
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Embrace New Learning Methods

Our training content uses a range of learning methods to educate users, allowing you to fine-tune a training program to suit your target audience.

Expansive Range of Training Subjects

Phin gives you access to content that covers:

  • Cyber threats: Help workers dive into the types of cyber threats commonly seen in specific industries.
  • Phishing: Protect your employees' personal information by increasing awareness around cyber attacks that ask for credit card details.
  • Social engineering: Inform workers about the ways cybercriminals use psychology to trick you into giving out personal information.
  • Mobile device security: Teach employees how to protect information when using phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Protecting business information: Communicate the types of information and files appropriate for cloud-based software.
  • Password protection: Make sure employees understand how to create strong passwords for company emails and resources.

Micro-Modules for Targeted Learning

Cybercriminals are always coming up with new methods for stealing information, which means targeted learning is essential.

With Phin, you can create a training program featuring micro-modules covering just the subjects you need employees to know. Maybe there has been an increase in attempted phishing attacks on an organization, or you want to schedule routine reminders about cybersecurity initiatives. Phin Security uses its partnerships and collaborations to help you select interactive exercises and micro-modules, including subjects such as:

  • Using unique passwords
  • Incorporating single-sign-on (SSO) access
  • Managing passwords
  • Adopting passkeys
  • Dodging malicious links
  • Updating software frequently
  • Installing antivirus software

Video and Animation Content in Training

Our experts are here for you with security awareness training videos that help companies keep the learning process interesting. Play a video presentation about a cybersecurity topic and accompany it with an interactive module. 

Viewers get an up-close look at complex security threats and how to navigate situations without jeopardizing real company data. Some of the video content we provide covers insider threats, safe web browsing practices, social media safety, mobile device security and business data protection.

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The Phin Security Edge

Phin Security wants MSPs and small businesses to have the resources necessary to stay safe in the workplace.

Implement realistic simulations as well as training videos and modules to encourage positive behavioral changes. Our training platform is backed by stellar customer service and support. Enjoy hands-off training and a straightforward setup process that takes minutes to complete.


Get Started With Phin Security Today

Exploring GoldPhish training modules is easy, thanks to our user-friendly platform. For further details about elevating your cybersecurity, reach out to us online.