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Integration Capabilities

Managed service providers (MSPs) need a streamlined way to ensure their clients' organizations remain secure while maintaining their day-to-day productivity. Phin Security offers integration capabilities for MSPs, enhancing operational efficiency, data management and security readiness. With our advanced integrations, you can streamline data management and analytics. Phin integrates with Scalepad, Gradient MSP and vCIO Toolbox for better asset management, data aggregation and strategic IT planning.

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Lifecycle Insights (via Scalepad)

Integrate Phin with Lifecycle Insights through Scalepad to maximize your asset management and lifecycle tracking for better decision-making. Connecting your data security awareness participation results to Lifecycle Insights makes it easier to present analytics to stakeholders during business review meetings. Lifecycle Insights includes Phin data in various reports, providing an overview of data for the companies you have integrated.

Integrating Phin Security's user interface elements into Lifecycle Insights allows MSPs to quickly see each client's riskiest users and create reports that showcase how clients are doing with their security training. Phin's report builder feature will enable you to examine each individual's stats to ensure they do their part to maintain the company's security.

Additionally, Lifecycle Insights offers ways for MSPs to give clients custom assessments so they can turn problems into actionable results. By implementing Phin's security data into the platform, you can create an IT environment that meets your clients' goals and needs.

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Gradient MSP

Integrating Phin Security with Gradient MSP will simplify data aggregation and help you gain actionable insights. By using both platforms seamlessly, you can make billing reconciliation and accountability easy. Phin will send billable users and billing data to Gradient MSP so you can see the billing numbers when viewing the portal.

The partnership between Phin and Gradient MSP ensures you get paid for everything you do. The integration simplifies tracking your payments by providing a central hub to view the data. You'll get accurate data when Phin syncs its billing data on the first of each month. With the integration, you won't have to look through various databases and platforms to find your billing information. Instead, you'll use the Gradient MSP dashboard to view and forward data to your PSA.

When you take advantage of Phin's integration with Gradient MSP, you also benefit from becoming a Gradient MSP partner. Partnerships with both platforms give you access to numerous resources and learning materials.

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vCIO Toolbox

Phin also integrates with vCIO Toolbox to better manage accounts while empowering strategic IT planning and execution. MSPs using vCIO Toolbox know the importance of streamlining tasks to keep up with decision-making, compliance and security in the digital landscape. When you integrate Phin with vCIO Toolbox, you gain a broader overview of your cybersecurity efforts from one platform. Phin will distribute security training data insights to the vCIO Toolbox dashboard, providing a seamless website and platform usage process.

With cybersecurity data in one place, you can generate reports that give you insights into how your security programming is working. The reports could also help you discover potential areas for risks so you can develop and implement a plan to mitigate them and prevent future dangers from occurring. Real-time insights can help you prepare for potential concerns, allowing you to be steps ahead and up-to-date with current trends.

Your integrated Phin and vCIO Toolbox program is scalable and customizable. We ensure your clients' data security training awareness results smoothly merge into your vCIO Toolbox's database based on your clients' unique requirements.


Empowering Your MSP With Phin Security

Phin's comprehensive integration capabilities ensure your MSP has all the tools needed to provide seamless data protection while ensuring operational functionality and efficiency remain a priority. Integrating Phin Security with the other platforms provides more extensive data security and management coverage.

Integrating Phin with the other platforms is straightforward. Phin provides API implementation and documentation to help partners access their data programmatically. We understand the importance of securing your data and information, so we are committed to improving MSP operational security through seamless integration methods, including using API keys to connect to each platform. API keys ensure your information remains secure as it gets transferred to the other platforms.

With all integration options, Phin provides automation and hands-off training. Once you integrate Phin into the other platforms, you won't have to do much else. Data from Phin automatically transfers to the platforms, so you are hands-off after setting it up and onboarding clients, which often takes less than 10 minutes. We provide innovative automation for all solutions, helping you save time. With automated and accessible data, you can quickly ensure your clients' security.

We understand your clients are part of various industry sectors. To ensure you can provide clients with personalized results, we ensure the Phin platform is fully customizable based on your clients' industry regulations and data protection laws. We provide security awareness training and educational resources for diverse industries so your clients better understand the importance of practicing and being proactive about data security.

Phin Security is here to help you enhance your MSP with innovative integrations into Lifecycle Insights with Scalepad, Gradient MSP and vCIO Toolbox. Thanks to the integrations, you'll streamline operational efficiency and not need to visit multiple platforms for all your data management needs.


Get Started With Phin Integrations

Connect with Phin Security today to explore powerful integration options for your MSP. Phin works with you to ensure you receive integrations that work with your other data management and analytics platforms. Integrating programs where possible helps streamline operational efficiency and enhance security readiness for your clients. Our platform is built specifically for MSPs, so you can trust we do everything we can to provide you with innovative and easy-to-use solutions for your clients.

To learn more about Phin's integration capabilities, complete our contact form and connect with one of our team members.