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Velocity Networks Case Study

Learning cybersecurity practices may feel like an uphill battle. With the right partner, you can reach large groups inside an organization and keep individuals updated on the latest practices.

For a recent Uncut Phinatics interview, Phin Security caught up with Velocity Networks to hear how they are enjoying our comprehensive training products. We spoke with the supervisor of security services, Ali Stockton, and were pleased to find that our platform is working wonders for an ever-growing Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Northwest Pennsylvania.

Uncut Phinatics 5 Questions
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About the Phin Security and Velocity Networks Conversation

Phin's Uncut Phinatics segment shows you real-world examples of how customers depend on our platform to keep workplaces safe. Speaking with Ali from Velocity Networks, Jamie (Phin Security) moved through a series of questions to get honest feedback about what is going well and whether there is anything we can do to take our offerings to a new level.

We addressed five questions in this recent Uncut Phinatics session so that you can get an idea of how our training platform is making all the difference for large-scale MSPs:

  1. What challenges have you faced since joining Phin?
  2. Why did you choose us over others?
  3. Since your time with Phin, how have we made your life or team's life easier?
  4. How was your onboarding experience?
  5. What features, updates or changes are you excited about or looking for with Phin's platform?

Velocity Networks and Challenges With Phin's Products

Ali told us that when launching Phin's training, Velocity Networks started with its smallest customers to get a feel for how the system works. They worked their way up to offering our training products to their largest customers, including a university in Pennsylvania.

Velocity Networks' university customer made it known that Phin's training program needed a function to distribute training lessons to more groups within an organization. For example, some groups of students might need specific cybersecurity training that faculty and staff may not.

This was the only obstacle Ali noticed during her time with Phin Security.

Why Velocity Networks Works With Phin Security

During our interview with Ali, she told us that Phin Security's automated reporting was a significant element in Velocity Networks choosing us. She explained that she did not have the employee numbers or the time to run reports manually — Phin Security has been amazing in providing relevant information for her.

Additionally, Ali mentioned, “There's no point in sending out any sort of simulated phishing or training if you're not addressing issues with the users.” Phin Security has been efficient in reaching end users in ways that are new, exciting and entertaining.

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Keeping Life Simple for Velocity Networks

At Phin, we love hearing about how our training platform eliminates hurdles for our customers. When we asked Ali about how Phin makes her life and the team's job easier, she explained that “Phin does all of the work for us. It is a set-it-and-forget-it product." 

Velocity Networks performs an occasional spot check to verify everyone on email lists is receiving the messages they are supposed to and that everything is working flawlessly.

The Onboarding Experience

Our straightforward onboarding experience was one of the main reasons why Phin Security was appealing to Velocity Networks. 

Ali was in disbelief when Phin's onboarding process took minutes to complete. At one point in the interview, she said Phin's onboarding experience could be described with one word — easy. You move through the steps provided and get green checkmarks, and you are good to go.

Velocity Networks and Features This MSP Wants to See

The biggest feature that Velocity Networks is requesting is a “select all” option when sending messages to different groups in one organization. When Velocity Networks started with Phin Security, this was a manual process. Larger MSPs might find this time-consuming, so Phin Security is working to implement this capability soon.

Ali laughed and mentioned, “I wish I could say there were things I wish you could work on, but your team has been so awesome in helping us.” She went on to say that she feels like Phin Security is an extension of her security team because “It feels like we're all working together.”


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The Phin Security reviews we provide as part of our Uncut Phinatics series help MSPs make the right decisions for cybersecurity and phishing training. A large part of what we do at Phin Security is innovate. We incorporate the changes our customers want to see to give MSPs an easier time training employees across different departments in a business.

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