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Build a Culture Worth Giving a Sh*t About!

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May 23rd, 2024

Many business owners think culture ends with good salaries, benefits, and PTO, but that's actually just where it begins.

This week, we dive into how to build healthy company culture and who is responsible for building it to create a space where people enjoy going to work and can reach their max level of potential to help grow your MSP.

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How to Build a Company Culture Worth Giving a Shit About

At MSPGeekCon this week, Connor Swalm, CEO of Phin Security, dispelled the many misconceptions surrounding company culture and revealed the reality of what and who creates a strong company culture.

Newsflash: A business cannot succeed without you and we all deserve to work somewhere we are valued. 

Conor on state

"If your culture isn't constantly evolving, it's moving backwards." - Connor Swalm

4 Common misconceptions:
  1. As an employee, I have little control over my company culture.
  2. My business leaders know more than me and don't need my help creating culture.
  3. Company culture takes away from the bottom line.
  4. Maybe the grass isn't greener. This is the best I'm going to find and as good as it'll get.
4 Realities:
  1. We are all responsible for company culture. Even I, as an employee, have control over my own satisfaction at work.
  2. My business leaders need my ideas and actions to create a culture that benefits everyone.
  3. A good company culture creates more effective, skilled employees and reduces turnover to increase the bottom line.
  4. I deserve to work at a company that prioritizes my advancement and health and helps every employee excel.

There's a hierarchy of needs when it comes to company culture, and though many leaders think salary, benefits, and PTO are at the top (or even the whole pyramid), they're actually the bare minimum it takes to create a company culture.

If you struggling to understand where employee satisfaction comes from, start with this hierarchy of needs:

Company Culture Hierarchy

Company culture Meme

How to MSPs increase employee satisfaction


Discover why education is a crucial aspect of employee satisfaction and why education through formal schooling is not always necessary for success in the IT industry.

Realize the importance of transparency, understanding individual goals, and providing personal development opportunities when cultivating a strong company culture.


  • Building a strong company culture based on employee values & motivations
  • Investing in employee career development for higher satisfaction and retention rates
  • Comparing MSP culture to college football (not the NFL!) 

The role of money in motivatino

While money is important, it should not be the sole motivator for you or your employees. Everyone is motivated by different factors (i.e. Personal development, team success, and helping others.)

Explore how understanding these motivators can create a company culture that fosters growth and fulfillment.


  • What motivates employees and why it matters
  • Building a company culture people enjoy being a part of
  • Measuring the success, health, and growth of a company
  • The role of leadership in building culture and motivating employees
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