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Shifting the Breach Blame

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May 9th 2024

Did you know up to 95% of breaches are caused by human error?

With this in mind, MSPs and their customers need to know:

  • The proper steps for reducing human vulnerabilities
  • How to encourage and reward good security habits
  • How to shift from the blame game to fostering learning moments

Here's some tools for you to start minimizing human vulnerabilities for you and your clients

10 Tips to Minimize Human Vulnerability.

Data Security - Human Error


Can laziness actually make us safer online? Laziness has quietly influenced our digital landscape, and embracing it could be the key to outsmarting cyber threats. Learn how simplifying security practices can actually strengthen defenses, debunking the myth that complexity equals safety.


  • The human urge to be lazy
  • The 3 virtues: Laziness, Impatience, & Hubris
  • User convenience vs complexity


Are we putting too much blame on humans for cybersecurity breaches while ignoring the underlying organizational issues?

Explore the complexities of human behavior in cybersecurity, including the limitations of data-driven security strategies and the role of company culture, which is often overlooked.


  • Understanding the human behavior & the role of software in security
  • Rethinking the blame mindset
  • Importance of simulating real-world security threats

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