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The Cost of Phishing Attacks on Businesses


It's no secret that phishing can deal significant damage to a company's trust, operation and value. But for those who have yet to be phished, understanding the full scope of phishing's costs can help you better prioritize your security. Phishing requires proactive steps to help protect your organization from significant problems.

Understanding the Financial Cost of Phishing

Phishing attack costs extend to your financials and beyond. With so much at stake — data, customer privacy and everyone's peace of mind — it's essential to understand how phishing can affect your organization. Understanding the costs associated with phishing will help you invest in proactive measures that take this threat seriously. 

The Direct Cost of Phishing Attacks in 2023

Phishing has significant direct costs that could impact your company. The average cost of data breaches globally in 2023 was 4.45 million — this figure is 15% higher than three years previous. Phishing attacks are getting smarter, and you need to be prepared if you want to avoid losses. These figures are significant when you consider that Google blocks over 100 million spam messages every day. 

IBM reports that 41% of cyberattacks they analyzed used phishing to get inside. With so many attackers using phishing to try and break through, it's essential to protect against it. While phishing has directly cost organizations millions of dollars, it can lead to serious problems for your operation. 

The Indirect Cost of Phishing

Phishing can cause more than just direct cost issues. Your reputation and legal standing might be at risk if a phishing attack is severe enough, making proactive protection essential. Let's look at some of the areas phishing can affect:

  • Brand reputation: Phishing incidents can affect your company's image, reducing customers' trust in you. Reputational damage could lead to a loss in customers as they seek safer alternatives. Additionally, restoring your credibility after an attack can take extensive resources and time, further harming your business. 
  • Legal ramifications: If you're exposed to a phishing attack, phishing victims might pursue legal action against your organization, leading to costly litigation. Drawn-out legal proceedings could harm your reputation further, increasing the overall impact of phishing.
  • Compliance costs: You might see fines for failing to protect customer data or you'll see increased expenses trying to meet the legal obligations around phishing investigation and reporting. 


The Wider Impact on Your Company

Phishing attacks occur for many reasons. Attackers might want to steal your credentials, using your information to get into important spaces. They might want to cause chaos, leaving you with operational downtime that significantly impacts your business. Or, they might use phishing to help them commit corporate espionage, spying on your company to learn secret information. Phishing can significantly impact your business — using forward thinking and effective training can help protect against it. 

Repercussions for Business Relationships

Phishing affects more than just your business — it can influence financial landscapes and your stakeholders. Phishing's effects on stakeholders are multifaceted, extending beyond your organization. Suppliers, clients and partners might suffer financial losses or disruptions due to compromised information. This can lead to lost trust between you and your partners. Future business opportunities might be lost as potential partners and clients avoid engaging with you due to phishing attacks. 

The ROI of Phishing Awareness Training

Investing in phishing awareness training can lead to a significant return on investment (ROI) by reducing your chances of successful cyber attacks. An educated workforce knows what to watch out for, helping lower the likelihood of data breaches and financial losses. When employees know what to look out for, they'll avoid falling for scams. Investing in a reputable awareness training course can help guard you against attacks.

Leadership is essential when combating phishing threats. Effective leaders help establish a culture of cyber awareness, encouraging a vigilant environment that defends against phishing attempts. With a leadership-driven approach, you'll enhance the effectiveness of your phishing awareness campaign, protecting your organization and lifting your team up. 

Boost Your Phishing Security With Phin Security

Awareness is critical when trying to protect your organization from phishing attempts. Partnering with a trusted security solutions company like Phin Security helps your team stay prepared for phishing threats. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond conventional solutions to deliver state-of-the-art defense strategies. With phishing simulations, automated phishing training and our unique Learning Moments system, your workforce will get the knowledge and skills needed to recognize phishing attempts. 

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